Let me tell you about myself:

After serving as the Superintendent of Schools in Sheridan, Indiana, and as the Assistant Superintendent for Business in the Westfield Washington Schools, I joined the Zionsville Community Schools on July 1, 2006. In Westfield, I served as the first K-12 Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Staff Development. Previous to that I served as a school principal in M.S.D. Pike Township and M.S.D. Southwest Allen County. Prior to serving as school principal at M.S.D. Pike Township, I taught in the M.S.D. Pike Township Schools and also in the New Albany-Floyd County Schools. In sum I have served as the principal in three elementary schools and one middle school in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, Indiana.

I earned my Ph.D. at Purdue University and my Bachelor and Master’s degrees from Indiana University. I am a 2005 graduate of the Hamilton County Leadership Academy and have presented at numerous regional and national conferences on topics ranging from student engagement to school reform to looping/multi-age practice as well as brain-compatible instructional methods, and many more educational subjects. In addition I have served on chambers of commerce, a municipal redevelopment commission, a parks advisory board, a non-profit board of directors, a community revitalization committee, several common wage boards, and more.

My personal and professional mission statements converge in the area of service to youth and so my personal life and professional endeavors are focused on a series of complex human projects each with the aim to change the world through education.