Wedding Crasher!

Scott RobisonBrian Urlacher was a prolific defensive menace for the Chicago Bears in the NFL, and his jersey sales were among the best in the league for many years. Bears fans of all sizes wore their Urlacher jerseys with the swagger of a three-year-old in a new Superman cape.

Isaac Antcliff was not very much north of age three when his mom, Kelly, athletic director for our middle schools, started talking up Isaac’s role as ring bearer in an upcoming family wedding. Isaac didn’t complain at all, not even when he found out he would have to walk up the aisle with his big sister. He was downright cheerful about it all. No nerves. No pre-schooler drama.

Kelly still worried that Isaac might grow nervous about the assignment when he saw so many people at the church, so she braced him for the setting. The boy remained unfazed. Weeks went by and Isaac showed no anxiety.

Grateful, Kelly could invest her nerves in the Flower Girl dress, the hair, and the shoes.

Wedding day arrived. Isaac was cheery and ready to go. As Kelly worked him into a dress shirt, he began to cry, then stomp, then exclaim, “Moooooooommmmy, I’m the Ring Bear—I’m wearing my Urlacher shirt.”

Kelly swears that the next 15 minutes seemed to take 15 years.

Ring BEAR. Priceless kid stuff. Happens around here every single day.

Scott Robison
Superintendent of Schools

Zionsville Community Schools: The road through life begins here.

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